Five simple ways to take care of your Baby Skin!

Motherhood brings joy and happiness in the life of a woman, but along with brings certain fears and apprehensions too. Almost every woman who turns out to be a first time mom, has deep within herself a fear “whether she will be able to take care of her little one all by herself”. Will she be able to hold her and take care of the delicate little angel?

When I became Mom three years ago, I too had such feelings and fear deep within myself. I still remember the day when I held my little one in my arms for the first time, my reaction was “Aww! He is so cute and delicate”. His skin were the softest thing I have ever touched. Babies skin are very sensitive and soft, hence needs utmost care to keep it supple and safe.

Here are the five basic ritual which I followed to keep my baby’s skin soft and smooth:

  • Massage your baby: There are many benefits of massage as it adds flexibility to the body, strengthen bones, develop bonding and makes baby skin soft and supple. The best time to massage your baby is post bath as his skin is hydrated and absorbs the oil or cream properly. It also helps baby to have relaxed sleep and develop better.
  • Use toiletries meant for Baby skin: As you know that skin of baby is completely different from an adult skin and so are the toiletries to be used for them. Make sure that the soaps, shampoos, cream, oils, cleanser, whatever you are using on your little ones are chemical free and safe to use.
  • Be careful of fabrics you use for your baby: Have you ever experienced irritation while you put on clothes such as silk, thick layered clothes during hot and humid season. So just think when you cannot sustain such clothes, how will your delicate little one can. His skin is too delicate and hence you need to “Handle it with Care“! Buy clothes according to season like cottons, muslin cloth which are soft and good to use. Also be sure to use soft wool based woollens when its cold. Make sure whatever you are using on your baby skin for the first time is washed, dried and then used to avoid any bacterial infections.
  • Be vigilant while buying Diaper’s: I feel diaper are one of the best invention done in today’s modern world. We mothers have all liberty to go anywhere round the world without worrying about hygienic toilets. But merely buying diapers of any brand don’t help. Do proper research and decide which brand is suiting your baby’s skin and keeping his skin soft for hours. Generally, a diaper on being wet should not turn hard and should generally remain dry for minimum three to four hours. I have used some brands before putting my little one in Pampers diaper. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.  Also, make sure when you diaper your baby,  you pat dry your baby skin with dry cloth and apply diaper rash cream regularly which prevents diaper rash and will keep his skin soft and supple.
  • Clean and dry all baby skin folds: A new born baby has the most delicate skin and has many folds around his skin. Make sure that you dry and powder his skin properly such as areas behind the ears, creases of his neck, gential area, folds around his legs, so that there is no moisture retention due to hot and humid temperatures. It will help to keep his skin free from infections and rashes.



Do note that, it is not easy to keep baby skin soft and beautiful as it seems so. A religious routine of above steps will ensure healthy and happy little one. I am till date maintaining this routine with slight changes as my little one is a toddler now, but still his skin is soft and safe.


How I Lost It and still losing!

Everyone knows that motherhood brings joy in life of a woman, but another truth is that it brings sorrows too. Now you must be wondering, what am I talking about. If you are Mom, am sure you must have guessed it. Yes! I am talking about the most worried topic “Weight”. Every woman who has entered into motherhood, post delivery has one big agenda on her chart and that is “Weight loss”.

Some mothers manage to loose it easily while some take months or even years to loose those extra kilos. I am a mother who falls under the second category. My little brat is now three years old and am still struggling to shed my kilos of weight. No am not saying that I have not succeeded in doing so, I am on a right path and the feeling of getting back in your old clothes can be felt, can’t be explained.

I had lost some of my pregnancy weight when my brat was one year old but in vain. I gained double the weight of what I have lost because I am foodie and can’t resist seeing lip-smacking food. Every day I used to vow with myself “I am going to start my exercises and diet from tomorrow”, which never came. I have not understood, how weird I looked till one day my friend pointed towards my bulging tummy and I felt really shy about it.

Then and there I decided to be serious and took my first step towards losing weight. I started going on morning walks but irrespective of walking continuously for an hour for three months my weight has not gone down by 100 gms. I was disheartened on seeing no results on scale, irrespective of my hard efforts (according to me getting up at 5 am and brisk walking is an effort 🙂). Fortunately, I did not loose hope as I read many articles, books and researched on internet which busted many myths which I had in my mind about losing weight.

Here I am listing those myths which acts as a mental block and deter one from losing weight:

  • Weight can’t be lost without hard core exercise: Exercise is necessary to get rid of toxins and rejuvenate our body so we remain fit to function all day long. Whenever one does any activity the rate of pumping blood increases which helps in improving our stamina and metabolic rate of body.  It is like oiling your vehicle to help it remain in good shape. Surely it helps in weight loss but is not the sole factor on which one can loose weight. I myself did brisk walking for an hour for three months but have not lost 100 gms 😦 (reason I relied solely on it 😉 ) Hence, the thought that exercising for hours will help to loose weight is a myth.
  • One needs to go on strict diet to shed kilos: What comes in mind on the word “DIET”. Am sure everyone visualises boiled veggies, bland soups, fruits and food made with almost no taste. Definitely you will loose eating such food but can you survive till horizon being on it itself? Just tell me how long can you eat it? I myself can’t and hence never lost till I busted out that it’s a myth. You can loose and that too by eating what you love, the only key being (a) control your portion size and (b) Stop eating till full after dusk.
  • Avoid eating food rich in carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are a source of energy to our body. It fuels our body with essential nutrients to keep us going. So eliminating carbs from diet is going to leave you dull and lethargic. One needs to eat all good carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals in appropriate portions to allow our body to function properly. I started eating carbs first thing in the morning to boost my energy levels after a night long fast and reduced its intake as dawn turned to dusk. It meant, I ate all carbs rich food like potatoes, upma, poha, sabudana khichdi and still lost weight.
  • STOP eating sweets: It is true that eating sweets on a daily basis is not good for helath and weight. But completely eliminating from your diet is no good either (especially if you have a sweet tooth ;)). Since sweets are mostly made with refined sugar and loads of ghee, it is said to avoid it to loose weight effectively. But this never means that you need to stop eating it completely. I am not a person who has sweet tooth but then also there are some sweets on which I just can’t resist myself such as gulabjamun and jalebi. I try to eat it before noon so my taste buds are happy and my weight is also in check (Tummy khus aur mummy khus 😉)
  • Being on liquid diet makes you loose weight: I read it somewhere that being more on liquids help to loose weight. Surely it does, but the irony is as soon as you start eating you will gain double the weight lost (principal returned with interest 😉 ). One should drink around 2-3 litre of water in a day to let body flush out the impurities but being on liquid diet is like keeping body out of nourishment.

I started my weight loss regimen a year back and have lost fifteen kilos till date. I know that I have lost it really slow but the loss is stagnant. One thing I can bet, if you are eating healthy with portion size in check and exercising daily for 30 minutes in a day, no one can stop you from achieving your ideal weight. I would like to thank my friend (Vandana Das)  who always inspired me to join workout regimen which actually helped me a lot.

My mantra of losing weight is:

motivational-quotes-for-weight-loss-tumblrImage source:

Please Note: I was thinking since long to write about my weight loss journey but was tempted to write one today when I saw 30 Day Fitness challenge started by World of Moms. It is an amazing information site for all mothers/would be mothers. 


Day 4: First time Mom!!

I want to reach all first time mommies here in this post and would like to share love, compassion and sorrow of journey being a mother.

I still remember the day when I was reborn. It was three years back, when I gave birth to my son and got new name to myself -MOM. The feeling which I had, cannot be expressed in words, it can be FELT.

I am was very naive on this subject of parenting. Further, I also didn’t have many friends who were new parents and could give me hands on expertise. So I can say, I was about to venture into sea with almost no skill to swim across. But as it’s said, if God makes you a mother, he grants you all the strength and grit to sail through.

First year of my motherhood was full of emotional breakdown for me. This was because, new-born has its own demands and the only way of his communicating with you is “To CRY”. He has an erratic sleeping patterns and it’s really tough to attend his demands (especially in nights). We stay in a nuclear family and all thanks for my husband (only support system) to be on my side always. He used to get up with me at night every time my brat cried,  be it for nappy change or for feeding, he was always there. I don’t know, how I would have behaved, if he was not there. Things are new for both of us and we both are learning this new life called “Parenthood”. There were hardships which were balanced with his giggles which just made our day. We enjoyed all his milestones be it his first turn around, crawl, tooth, walk everything. Every time we noticed him trying something new, it seemed like we are awarded for our hard work.

Second year, was full of enthusiasm and him exploring the world all by himself. He has started to   run and it was getting difficult for me to cope with him (till date it is).  At this age, my brat had lot of mood swings and used to throw tantrums now and then. I remember when as a couple, we used to visit a shopping mall and saw a toddler throwing tantrums on his parents, rolling off the floor and crying aloud, we thought this kid is so undisciplined. Now, we were in same shoes and when brat did so, we both hid behind the pillars of the mall, so no one could trace us as his parents (funny isn’t it). But my brat is a real brat, he didn’t used to get up, let the crowd gather. Finally my hubby used to get him off the floor. But one thing was sure, we never gave up on his unreasonable demands. These kids know how to convince parents over things they want. Clever they are! So parents be vigilant when you are dealing with their demands.

I will be celebrating my brat’s third birthday in the month of August. I can’t believe he is three-year old now. He is a notorious toddler who is more independent and in exploration stage. He now play on his own (though he makes sure am involved too, if am around), has preferences of what he will wear, likes being asked what he want to eat and many more. His questions have increased and every statement has why,when, where and how in it. I just so love his questions but its difficult to answer and satisfy him. We think these little monsters are small and we can give any logic to pacify them BUT stop, never give insane logic to them. Whatever we do, say and act is imitated and idolized. So BEWARE of what how you act. I have observed that having him around has made us defer our arguments as we don’t want him to be a part of it. My husband is in a win-win situation, though I miss my arguments with him a lot.

first time mom

Sometimes I feel myself playing a Mario game (it’s a video game which I hope many of us has played in childhood days) in which as you pass levels, challenge becomes tougher. Same is with motherhood, each passing year you will have a feeling that you know your child, but then and there the feeling is gone, as new challenge (your little monster) is up for another mischief.

People say life changes after marriage but I feel actual change happens in life when you become a parent. Life becomes a roller coaster ride, in which many ups and down comes which you have never anticipated.

I am still waiting to see the results of my parenting and is in continuous process of learning the art. I wish my child comes out to be a good human being with good character, and success will follow him.

Share your experiences with me, would love to know!


Day 2: Edit your Title and Tagline

I am just so amazed at how these Blogging 101 decides on task to be given to us. On first day of course we were asked to introduce ourselves to the blogging world and today we need to revisit our blog title and could rename it.

Many of us must be happy that they have a liberty of going back and change the blog title, since sometimes we are yet not decided what should be the name of the blog. We just give it a name as we need a platform to start, but later when we think of changing, its difficult to change. I liked the concept of revisiting your site title and change it when you want to do so. This flexibility has made me more inclined on keeping my blog in this domain.

I have named my blog as ” Thoughts of an Inquisitive mind” and I don’t think I will change my title now. This is so because I am all agog. You will find me blogging about many things such as travel, health, motherhood, parenting, crafts and many more. I learn things as life comes to me.

Would love to know more about the people out here.

Stay happy and be connected!!


Day 1: Who I am and why am I here!!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this  blogging world. I have come across this concept of Blogging 101 course started by “The Daily Post” which made me curious and here I am.

Today’s post is to write about, Who I am and why am here ‘blogging‘. I have already written about myself in the About me section, which almost describes me. I am adducing it once again:

Hi there!! My name is Niharika Modi, a Chartered Accountant by profession, mother of three-year old son and wife to a lovely husband. In short, I have a well settled happy family. By nature I am a very talkative girl (yeah “girl” woman sounds so weird), who loves to socialize, make new friends, learn new things and many more. To tell you all, I have a very inquisitive mind. LOLs. I’m a full-time MOM now!! Yes, this is my full-time job and I am very happy doing it.

Motherhood is best thing to happen in a woman’s life and the rewards which we get are far more satisfactory than anything else in the world. Being a first time mommy, there are many things I have learnt and many more are still to come my way. 

Here in this space, I wish to share all my experiences and learning of motherhood and my passion on travel, cooking, gardening, crafting and the list can go on. Would appreciate to hear back your comments and experiences too.

Why am I blogging publicly rather than keeping a personal journal?

I have a passion to read and had an urge to write. But deep within somewhere in my heart, had hesitation to start. On persuasion of my husband to start my blog (which seemed a great idea to me), I am here. I would love to connect and learn with people round the world.

What topics I think I’ll write about?

As my blog name is ” Thoughts of an Inquisitive Mind”, I would love to write on any topic which appeals me. However to be more specific topics would be somewhere on motherhood, travel, food, life.

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

I would love to connect with like-minded people sharing same thoughts and interest as that of mine. But saying this am not trying to restrict myself from not liking another people posts and writing. As already said ” I have an inquisitive mind…” Would just love to share and learn.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished?

To be true, I have not yet planned about it so far. But would definitely want to be part of this place, make new friends, connect and learn.

Thanks for reading and keep posting!!


My Learning Curve of Motherhood!!

I didn’t know what being a Mom meant, till I turned one. For me, motherhood was simple. You become pregnant, give birth to a child and then take care of it. That’s it! I have never thought that it’s a big change which happens in lifetime of a couple. Actual journey of your life begins, when parenthood starts. You are just lovebirds, enjoying your married life, till you step into this journey.

My journey started almost three years back. Time took a 360 degree turn, as soon as my little boy was born. Like many other woman, I was also very new to this Mommy thing.

I have learnt many things being a mother and would like to share here with you all.

  • Every child is different and so is your’s. You should never compare your child with other ones. You will always be tempted to see a child eating food all by him/her self while yours is yet to learn it. A child of your friend sleeps on his own, while yours makes you pick him up and keep rocking till he/she falls asleep. You must have read in many books, or learnt from advice of well learned moms about child’s milestone but never bother to stick to it, as sooner or later your child will achieve it. Just let him/her be him (her) self.
  • You need to “Trust yourself” in this journey of motherhood. There are many things which will happen for the first time in your life, be it your child’s weaning time, teething time, schooling time whatever. Just make sure you go with the flow. Every day is a new day in your life as well in your child’s life. Both of you are learning to live. He is learning new things from you and you are learning how to teach him/her. Isn’t this a wonderful experience? I know there is many ups and down in this journey, but once you accomplish it, no other feeling could beat the joy.
  • You need to be patient in dealing with your child. Children have a tendency to test patience of their parents every other second. They will challenge you, frustrate you, show anger on you, annoy you and can make you feel disappointed at public places. You need to deal all these things with patience. There are hard ways of making them understand your point, but then you will not be able to make them realize as what was wrong in their act. I am not saying that don’t be hard on them or don’t roll your eyes over them, but you need to decide what is good or bad behavior.
  • You are an Idol for your child. My brat is about to turn three years old but I have found him copying each and every act of us. I have had a habit of throwing clothes on bed with a thought that I will arrange it later, and have noticed my three-year doing the same. He even speaks in same way I talk to him. He scolds me also in same way as I do, rolling eyes on me. He copies his Dad also in all aspects. He tries to wrap towel around himself, the way his dad does to him. Every child has a feeling that his parents are the best. Some children say this, some may not, but deep within them you will find them admiring you. To stand to their expectations, you need to watch yourself every time. To discipline your child, you need to be “DISCIPLINED” first.

Can’t stop myself quoting it!


To learn about Motherhood, you need to experience it. Every other person can advice you on this topic but as “Each child is different, so is his Mother”.