How I Lost It and still losing!

Everyone knows that motherhood brings joy in life of a woman, but another truth is that it brings sorrows too. Now you must be wondering, what am I talking about. If you are Mom, am sure you must have guessed it. Yes! I am talking about the most worried topic “Weight”. Every woman who has entered into motherhood, post delivery has one big agenda on her chart and that is “Weight loss”.

Some mothers manage to loose it easily while some take months or even years to loose those extra kilos. I am a mother who falls under the second category. My little brat is now three years old and am still struggling to shed my kilos of weight. No am not saying that I have not succeeded in doing so, I am on a right path and the feeling of getting back in your old clothes can be felt, can’t be explained.

I had lost some of my pregnancy weight when my brat was one year old but in vain. I gained double the weight of what I have lost because I am foodie and can’t resist seeing lip-smacking food. Every day I used to vow with myself “I am going to start my exercises and diet from tomorrow”, which never came. I have not understood, how weird I looked till one day my friend pointed towards my bulging tummy and I felt really shy about it.

Then and there I decided to be serious and took my first step towards losing weight. I started going on morning walks but irrespective of walking continuously for an hour for three months my weight has not gone down by 100 gms. I was disheartened on seeing no results on scale, irrespective of my hard efforts (according to me getting up at 5 am and brisk walking is an effort 🙂). Fortunately, I did not loose hope as I read many articles, books and researched on internet which busted many myths which I had in my mind about losing weight.

Here I am listing those myths which acts as a mental block and deter one from losing weight:

  • Weight can’t be lost without hard core exercise: Exercise is necessary to get rid of toxins and rejuvenate our body so we remain fit to function all day long. Whenever one does any activity the rate of pumping blood increases which helps in improving our stamina and metabolic rate of body.  It is like oiling your vehicle to help it remain in good shape. Surely it helps in weight loss but is not the sole factor on which one can loose weight. I myself did brisk walking for an hour for three months but have not lost 100 gms 😦 (reason I relied solely on it 😉 ) Hence, the thought that exercising for hours will help to loose weight is a myth.
  • One needs to go on strict diet to shed kilos: What comes in mind on the word “DIET”. Am sure everyone visualises boiled veggies, bland soups, fruits and food made with almost no taste. Definitely you will loose eating such food but can you survive till horizon being on it itself? Just tell me how long can you eat it? I myself can’t and hence never lost till I busted out that it’s a myth. You can loose and that too by eating what you love, the only key being (a) control your portion size and (b) Stop eating till full after dusk.
  • Avoid eating food rich in carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are a source of energy to our body. It fuels our body with essential nutrients to keep us going. So eliminating carbs from diet is going to leave you dull and lethargic. One needs to eat all good carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals in appropriate portions to allow our body to function properly. I started eating carbs first thing in the morning to boost my energy levels after a night long fast and reduced its intake as dawn turned to dusk. It meant, I ate all carbs rich food like potatoes, upma, poha, sabudana khichdi and still lost weight.
  • STOP eating sweets: It is true that eating sweets on a daily basis is not good for helath and weight. But completely eliminating from your diet is no good either (especially if you have a sweet tooth ;)). Since sweets are mostly made with refined sugar and loads of ghee, it is said to avoid it to loose weight effectively. But this never means that you need to stop eating it completely. I am not a person who has sweet tooth but then also there are some sweets on which I just can’t resist myself such as gulabjamun and jalebi. I try to eat it before noon so my taste buds are happy and my weight is also in check (Tummy khus aur mummy khus 😉)
  • Being on liquid diet makes you loose weight: I read it somewhere that being more on liquids help to loose weight. Surely it does, but the irony is as soon as you start eating you will gain double the weight lost (principal returned with interest 😉 ). One should drink around 2-3 litre of water in a day to let body flush out the impurities but being on liquid diet is like keeping body out of nourishment.

I started my weight loss regimen a year back and have lost fifteen kilos till date. I know that I have lost it really slow but the loss is stagnant. One thing I can bet, if you are eating healthy with portion size in check and exercising daily for 30 minutes in a day, no one can stop you from achieving your ideal weight. I would like to thank my friend (Vandana Das)  who always inspired me to join workout regimen which actually helped me a lot.

My mantra of losing weight is:

motivational-quotes-for-weight-loss-tumblrImage source:

Please Note: I was thinking since long to write about my weight loss journey but was tempted to write one today when I saw 30 Day Fitness challenge started by World of Moms. It is an amazing information site for all mothers/would be mothers. 


Is your chatterbox kid driving you nuts?

I still remember how I reacted when my friend was cribbing on how difficult it is to handle a chatterbox kid. She was so annoyed that she used to loose her mind on her quite often. My expression on her situation was: Come on!! How can you not like her talking? She is so sweet and adorable that I can just keep listening and talking to her. She warned me not to say so and said “Be blessed if you won’t have such a kid“.

This conversation happened years before but came live into my head when am too in same situation. I can now understand and co-relate her agony and feelings. My brat’s conversation is constant, irrespective someone is talking to him or not. It’s like a live feed going on radio what’s happening around. He starts soon as he wakes up and would not stop till he dozes off. I wonder where from he brings so many things to talk about.

I just love his non stop ‘momma’ ‘momma’ and  love listening it. But as said “Excess of anything is bad“. His voice is so much into me that even when he is sleeping I still feel his voice into my mind!! Whenever I explain my situation to someone every one pity me but this don’t help me either.


Image Source

Worried how to handle this situation, I did some research and found out few ways which worked for me:

  • Appreciate his Imagination: Kids imaginary thoughts tempt them to think and ask questions. I wondered how fast are they in their imagination. He actually asks me ten questions in a minute. I feel being on a rapid fire question round, in which as soon as I answer one question another pops up. Why, How, When, Where, What are their favorite words. I used to get frustrated with his babbling and it made the situation worse as he was tempted to ask me more. I then realized that talking to him patiently and listening to him made him calm and satisfied.
  • Encourage them to talk with same age friends: We all love talking to people of our age isn’t it. Its true for kids too. I have not known this fact till some day back, I listened to conversation between my brat and his school friend. These two little boys were chatting over the phone and not in person. I was amazed how well can these three year old kiddo talk among themselves. He was so happy talking to him that for sometime he was in his own world.
  • Encourage solo play at home: My brat always wants me to play with him whenever I am around. His non stop talks and playing whole day with him drives me crazy. Trying to figure out ways to indulge him in activities I let him take his toys such as blocks, puzzles, story books, drawing books, crayons all by himself. Surely a mess is created at home but it keeps him busy and mom happy. Smiling momma in me thinking: “NO PAIN NO GAIN“!!
  • Try to make him/her creative: My brat loves to draw and play with colorful dough. I thus make sure that I have enough stock of crayons, stickers, glue, child friendly scissors with which he loves to experiment. He keeps making stuffs and showing me and my hubby his creations of which some are superb and some we are unable to understand what he has made but his energy describing it, just makes our  day. He keeps talking while being creative making him happy and his mom content.

I have been grown listening that one should “speak less and listen more”. But I know each kid is unique in himself and so are his qualities. We as parents should never show discouragements and frustration on their behavioral aspects and should devise ways to up bring and carve their strong qualities in the best way possible.

Our actions are their reactions.

Quote i just loved

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To parent a kid is not a child’s play!! (“Bachoon Ko Bada Karna;Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”)

I was in a complete different mindset before being a Mom myself. Whenever a friend of mine used to crib about how difficult it is to handle a baby, I used to wonder – “Is it really so”? How can such a cute little creature make her say so.To be true, I have never been with babies 24*7 anytime before. So, I almost had no idea about how difficult these little creatures can be.

Today I can very well relate to every mom’s saga and levels of difficulty. The day she gets new name “MOM” to herself she is into the game where crossing each level gives immense pleasure unaware of problems in stock ahead. I am sure every mother is passing/passed through these stages with intensities low or high.

It’s rightly said: “To parent a kid is not a kids play” (“Bachoon ka Khel nahin”). I am trying to list my experiences which I feel every mom will agree upon!!



The word “Feeding” sounds so easy. ” Isn’t it? Ask any Mom and take my words answer will mostly be No! it’s absolutely not at all easy to feed babies/toddlers.!To put each morsel into his/her mouth you need to device a tactic to lure them to take it. One moment you are a clown while other moment you are a storyteller. When I feed my brat I myself wonder as what crap stories am I weaving and faces I am making to develop my brat’s interest to eat food.


dressingPic credit:janetadrienne.blogpost.com

Above picture depicts the saga of a toddler. I must say, today’s kids are very smart. When I try to dress my three year old brat he is interested to wear that dress only which I don’t intend him to wear. Now, the drama starts; I try to make him interested by drawing his attention to color, cartoons,buttons, zip etc anything which works to make him interested. Sometimes this ordeal is done in five minutes or can get extended to one hour also. Depends on his mood. Tired Mom!!


sleepingPic credit: naptimestales.com

Another task is to make a baby sleep. You must be wondering why am I saying task to each and everything. It’s actually a task for Moms because one level achieved is a work done. Now making a baby sleep is another task as each kid has it’s own way to sleep. Kids won’t doze off on their own, moms need to drag them and calm them off keeping all distractions at bay to help them sleep. So, its task to distract them, calm them and then help them doze off. Each activity is a stage and you can’t imagine how long can it take.

There are many other instances which am sure each parent must be experiencing and will vouch it saying “Bachoon ka Khel nahin”

So aptly said by Mr. Amitaabh Bachchan in this ad of firstcry.com Shopping for a kid #BachoonKaKhelNahin. Check his link below:

I love watching this ad, as its really difficult to decide what to buy and what not while shopping for a kid. There are loads of options available and you just can’t resist choosing many but when it comes to buying one, it’s rightly said “Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”. Difficult to zero in, I bet!

Would be really excited to listen from all Moms about their experiences.

Stay connected and keep sharing your thoughts!! Would love to know.


Are you worried that your child is a picky eater? Here are five ways to turn his interest towards food:

I have struggled to feed my baby since the day I weaned him. The journey was till date a roller coaster ride in which many days were bumpy and to maintain balance some days were fine. I always tried to figure out ways, how to feed a picky eater (as I felt mine was). Whenever, I saw my friend’s kid eating on his own peacefully, I used to admire and think within, why is it not so with my brat. While, on the other hand, if I used to see another kid who used to throw tantrums every time he was asked to eat, I used to thank God saying at least mine is not so. So, you see I was in mid-way where my kid used to taste food but refused to eat further, sending me in dilemma as, “how to make him eat”.

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After lot of discussions with mothers and research over net, I now seem to have figured out what we parents need to do and behave while feeding a kid.

Don’t force him to eat:


We mothers always have a tendency to worry that my child has not eaten well. He was supposed to complete this bowl of porridge but it’s still half bowl left in it. This worry sends jitters to her and she is always in kitchen trying to figure out and cooking dish thinking, might be he will like this. Not even an hour has passed and she is again after the kid trying to lure him to eat. As usual, he just denies tasting a bite or tastes it and denies. This cycle keeps on going making both kid and mom tired of this eating drama. Mom is tired thinking how to make his child full and the kid is tired of seeing his mom after him with a plate of food. I too had done this drama with my Brat and have seen his dislike towards food.

Finally one day, I gave up and let him play without annoying him with my food saga. To my surprise he came running to me and started eating from my plate. It was dinner time and I was happy to see him eating contently. This day he ate the portion size I always wanted him to eat. That day I learnt and promised myself that “I will never force him to eat

Let him eat his way:


My hubby dislikes eating in a messy way. While feeding brat, there were continuous lectures as don’t spill food, don’t wipe your dirty hands on your T shirt, don’t put your hands in gravy etc. The end result, “Brat refused to eat after three or four bite” and then it’s mom who needs to figure out how to make him eat.

I then one day gave him food he wanted on his plate and let him play with it. After half an hour of spilling and playing with food it was half eaten. Irrespective it was half wasted and half eaten, I was happy with the fact that he ate it all by himself. Today, he prefers eating on his own from our plate without spilling food on the floor.

Don’t fuss over if he don’t eat healthy:


I always wanted my kid to eat healthy with all nutrients and vitamins into it. Who doesn’t wants so but? My brat loves to eat rice with dollop of ghee and sugar into it. He just relishes the taste of it. But I wanted him to eat rice, daal and sabji (cooked vegetable) for which he was absolutely uninterested. I then reasoned deep within myself as how will I feel, if I am forced to eat what I don’t like. I stopped bugging him to eat it my way, rather I let him choose his likes and tastes and to my surprise he now eats all veggies when he likes. Yes, this definitely took time but today I can say my kid happily eats everything. So, I concluded that ” It’s better to eat wrong food with right approach, while eating right food with wrong approach.

Respect his taste and cook healthy:


My challenge now was to cook things which are healthy and tasty enough to stimulate taste buds of my brat so he is tempted to eat it. I started giving him paneer (rather than milk), boiled corn pellets salad, stuffed triangle parathas, eggs etc I tried to figure out things he disliked and would sneak it in his food in such a way that he didnt realised it and ate it happily.

Make meal time fun:


I used to be after my brat to eat his food before we (me and my hubby) sat to have ours. Firstly, making him eat was a task, on which I was always unsuccessful. He used to be tempted to eat, only when we were eating together and used to splash his hands over our plate. I then changed my way of feeding him and started laying three plates. I noticed a change, brat started eating on his own and specially more like his dad. He just loved copying his dad in all his ways.

I then realized that feeding is not a task and you don’t need to allocate time to make him eat. We don’t do it for ourselves neither our parents did for us. Meal times should be a family time when all of us sit, eat, talk and enjoy. This habit needs to be imbibed in the child right from the beginning.

I have seen a change myself and can you. Just change your perspective and let the kid within you bloom again with your little one.

Seeing your child playing, sleeping, laughing satisfies us but “The biggest satisfaction” is when we see him eating happily and enjoying his food.

Do let me know what you feel about it?