My red faced moment!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Isn’t Your Face Red.”

This is one incident which happened during my college days. One day I and my friend decided to go on for shopping to Barra Bazaar ( a crowded street of Kolkata where you will find great stuffs at good prices). But the irony of this place is that it is overly crowded and you need to be brave enough to carve your way out of the filthy crowd. People from all classes walk on the streets and its difficult to differentiate between good and bad. Now since the place is so crowded, chances of being pick pocketed are also high. We both knew these factors but since we needed good stuffs at affordable prices we had this easiest place to go. Enough I have explained about the place, but here right from eatery joints to shopping all places are great. You know good things come with small hiccups.

We were passing through the lane as a hand struck my hand badly and I realised that my wallet is missing. I told my friend about it and turned back to find a guy walking hurriedly. We screamed loudly as catch that person, he is the thief, he has stolen my wallet. Immediately, a crowd gathered and everybody round there started questioning the guy who kept saying that he had not taken anything. I was very sure that my wallet was taken by him  only, as he had tried to hit me from front. My friend took him by his collar and started questioning him.

There was a full chaos and we were after the guy to accept his fault and return my wallet. As I was waving my hand in the air, I realized that I am holding something in my hand. My eyes widened to my astonishment “Oh! I have my wallet in my left hand”. Blood rushed to my mind and I was red faced, looking around me was mad crowd who were after that man, my friend holding him by his collar and shouting on him. I tried to drag her towards me, but she was not willing to listen anything as she was busy questioning him. Somehow I managed to drag her attention to my hand in which I had my wallet and then she was like ” What the crap?” We exchanged glances and planned to escape leaving the crowd to handle that man.

We were so red within ourselves that we just managed to sneak out of the crowd and ran towards our hostel as fast as we can. We didn’t even dared to look back as what was going on behind and just kept running. This was an incident which left us so embarrassed that we didn’t even dared to visit that street again for next six months. We had a feeling what if somebody recognized us and would come running to catch us.

I went completely red as it was the most embarassing and hillarious  situation.


Three Friends

I have visited my friends house sometime back. She is a mother of two lovely daughters, one is 11 years old (Ananya) and another one is 3 year old (Advita). Her elder daughter sketches well and I wanted my hubby to see her sketches. My husband had not believed me first when I have told him about her sketches but now he believed me. Then only my friend told me that Ananya loves writing too and writes stories. She showed me one story which was part of her school project in which she has to  ” To draw a picture and then make story on it”. I realized it much later that she has to make a picture and story all by herself. I was in a notion that picture is given and she has to make a story.

She had titled the story as ” Three Friends”. In the picture she drew one pencil, one sharpener and one eraser.

Here the story goes:


There was a pencil who used to write beautifully. If ever, she made any mistakes, eraser used to erase it. Whenever she used to lose her sharpness, sharpener used to sharpen it. They were living happily together. One day pencil told her friends that I am growing short day by day and will perish one day. All friends became sad listening her, and that one day came when she was perished

I was stumbled reading her short story on three friends. Firstly I was astonished by the thinking ability a kid posses. Every single thing can be looked with so many perspective and hence its rightly said “you give same task to a set of kids and will find amazing creations in which none will be alike”.

Now this story which she has written was aptly titled and said. I know she was not able to give a proper ending to the story but I was mesmerized by the imaginative mind a kid has. She has very beautifully narrated it and it’s so true to say that eraser and sharpener are her companions and friends. I have never thought till date that eraser, sharpener and pencil can be called as “Friends”. They are so related to each other.

I have my personal takeaways from this story:

(a) Friendship is unique and it keeps each one of us together. A saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” is narrated beautifully in the story.

(b) Eraser used to erase only when she made mistakes. This shows that he was there with the pencil to help her to write well. Sharpener used to sharpen her only when she lost her nib or sharpness. This symbolizes that he helped her to maintain her grace and could write beautiful. This is what a friend does!! Isn’t it? A friend is just a call away be it dusk or dawn, he is always by your side.

(d) So when the pencil was disheartened with the thought that she will be over one day, she shared this thought with her friends. What do you think her objective was of sharing her feelings? Did she wanted to tell them about her growing old and departing? Or Was she telling them to find new friend for themselves?

I think that we share our joys and sorrows with our friends only, as they are the one who will guide,mentor, rejoice and unburden us from within.

What do you think about this sweet short story on “Three Friends”??

Share your thoughts with me in comments!!



My heart to you..!!


Today we are going to complete six years of togetherness. Can you believe this? Six years! The memory of yesterday is still afresh in my mind, and I am yet to come in terms that we are married since six years.

The entire scene of we meeting and getting married was no less than that of a Bollywood movie. I feel I must have done something good in previous birth that am blessed with you. Don’t be over excited reading this! I just can’t stop myself saying this! But am not really this, “praising you”, and you know this well.

You very well know that I keep cribbing about all bad habits you have, which if I would have known earlier, might be I would have not married you. But this is not true, I just say this to annoy you. One thing which always used to bother and annoy me is the time you spend on your computer/phone you can’t hear what I am saying. You don’t talk to me or don’t even look at me when you are on it. But I love all those things too. (Don’t get carried over by this statement of mine. LOLS)

Yesterday only you asked what do you wish to rewind and relive in last six years? I haven’t answered it, but today am writing this for you. To tell you, I just want to go back and relive our moments when we had long chat over phone.

I know our life is not perfect, yet it is perfect for us, though it’s not a fairy tale. I am glad about the decision I took six years back to be your wife and that’s the best choice I have made in my entire life. Thank you for being my life partner and my life coach. Thank you for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me.

I love you more than yesterday and surely less than tomorrow. You are the best thing happened to me in my life. On this wonderful day, I wish more years to be with you and grow old together. Happy anniversary!!!

Can’t stop quoting “Tera saath hai toh, mujhe kya kami hai..”

IMG_1095Love you always,



Funny post #1 – Brat and Dad

I am trying to keep a track of funny things which spills from the mouth of my Brat (about to turn three year old). He is a chatterbox and I should tell you he is damn funny.

Find it out yourself!!

Conversation between Brat(B) and his dad(D):
B: Busy turning pages of Outlook magazine (which is in handle with care stage). He is ignorant that his dad is watching him in anger.

D: (Trying to speak in calmer tone) Kya kar rahe ho?? (What are you doing?) Manoge toh ho nahin tum. Bahut ziddi ho gaye ho! (You wont listen, have become really stubborn!)

B: (Instantly answers ignoring him) Ziddi nahin hua hun. Main thik hun. ( I am not stubborn, I am OK).

D: Zapped 🙂


The greatest gift I got from GOD, I call him “DAD”!!

I must say life is most beautiful when you have your parents around you. They are essence of your existence in this world. You can’t judge each one separately as both complement each other in various spheres of life.  They are like tyres of a car which needs to work together in an alignment else the vehicle will not function properly.

Today is “Fathers Day” and am forced to think and write, about what is so special today? Do we really need a day in an entire year to wish him and pay our regards?

Nowadays, it is a trend to dedicate a day to celebrate almost all relationship eg. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Brother Day, Sister Day. Why is it so? Are we so busy in our life that we need to dedicate a day in entire year to return favor of having them in our life?

We used to have “General Knowledge” as a subject in our school days and whosoever used to remember all such important dates was genius. I was an average student but can bet that genius student of our class was also unaware if such dates existed.

All thanks to technology and social media, through which today’s generation is paying regards to their father. Do you really need to show your love and respect, you have for him by shouting loudly in social media and techno world and let him know.

I don’t feel so.  For me Mother is the soul of your life while father is its essence.


Please let me know what do you guys feel about this day!!


Every Day is MOTHER’s Day!!

MOTHER!! This word is so full of warmth, affection and life that all worries disappear at the thought of it. Why is it so?? Ever wondered??

I too have never thought about it, until I became a MOM. All sayings and thoughts about mother, which I have grown up listening to, was understood by me, only, when I myself turned into a MOTHER.  All care, concern, anger, love, agony etc. feelings came live to me and I realized that I have started behaving like my own MOM: P Why is it so??

We are grown up individuals now, with our own mindset and has a family. The journey of being  part of a family till making one of ours, has made us learn lot many hardships which our parents has definitely gone through. There is no doubt, that a family is run by both partners sharing loads of responsibility equally, but still I will say that role of being a MOTHER stands much above of being a FATHER.

Why am I saying so?? Just think and answer below statements. If most of the answers are YES, then you too will agree to my above said statement.

(1) She’s the one who will always find out that something is wrong irrespective of you    saying “EVERYTHING IS OK MOM”.

(2) She is the first person whose name (MAA) comes out of your mouth when you are in PAIN.

(3)   Irrespective of your age, she is the one with whom you can ARGUE and WIN.

(4)  She’s the person who will find you beautiful, irrespective of whatever shape or size you  are in.

(5)    She’s a person who is always so loving and supportive, that you can tackle all issues with her help.

(6)    Doesn’t matter wherever you are, thought of having food made of her hands makes you super HUNGRY.

(7)    She is the first person with whom you are eager to share good/bad news.

(8)    She is the first one to tell you that something is not looking good on you.

(9)    She’s the one who will start getting impatient if you are late in reaching home even by five minute of your normal time.

(10) She’s the only one who knows what food you like (don’t like). AND she is the only one who will do anything to let her daughter in law (also son in law :P) know about it (howsoever sportingly they take it… it’s their wish. LOLS).

If all agree with all the statements above, DO WE ACTUALLY NEED A DAY TO THANK OUR MOTHER??

For me every day is a “Mothers Day”.


What about you guys?? Please share your opinions.