Day 11: Finite Creatures – Live as if there is no tomorrow!!

As far as I remember, I have never considered myself immortal. My mother is a spiritual lady and she has told us many stories on life and death. I think she has educated us right from our childhood days that we are mortal and have finite years on earth.  God has  sent us on earth to do good deeds and be a good human at heart. Then only we will go to heaven else door of hell is always open for us.

A thought always hover in my mind ” Is hell really so scary and heaven so beautiful”. If you read spiritual books many things are written and expounded in detail about hell and heaven. Being a kid, I was always fascinated by stories of life after death(I still am). These stories would leave me intrigued to find things on my own (about life after death) and I have many times thought of attempting it. But thought of me, being dead in exploring it, had stopped me from doing so. Death is so scary(we all know)!!

I have read a book (The laws of the spirit world by Khorshed Bhavnagri) which has explained, about life after death and I have so far, found it true to an extent. I think whatever is written in this book truly applies to every living being especially humans. As per the book, our actual life is divided into seven realms and we need to climb up realms through good karma. To be eligible to go up the ladder. spirits need to prove themselves, for which they need to come on earth. I term it as a game, which is played by God with us, in which we are sent on earth to prove ourselves as a good spirit and then only we will get a door to upper realm. But the game is played with a twist  in which our memory of our actual being is cleared and we don’t remember our purpose(goal) with which we have been sent on earth.

Here on earth we have family, our near and dear ones whom we love and they love us too. Losing our loved ones leaves us disheartened and helpless. For some people such incidents happen in a bizarre and for some it’s a planned destiny of loss, but it shakes us from within. Losing loved/known people makes us feel as if time has stopped and everything seems vague and immaterial. I have this feeling whenever any news of losing somebody I have known for years comes to me. But life is planned so beautifully by God that we humans move ahead and again get engrossed in materialistic pleasures of life. We forget about our goals (good deeds) and get lost in these pleasures of life. Now the question is what is good deed? I have felt that it is difficult to describe as what is good and what is bad. Something which is good for someone can be bad for the other. If you do something good you feel it from within and that’s it. To win a game you need to be focused and everyone knows that being good and doing good makes everyone happy.This is a game played by “The Almighty” and we are his creatures sent on earth for a purpose.

I think everyone on earth knows that life span is finite for them, but still all of us keep planning for tomorrow. We schedule meetings, holidays, party, work and many other things well on advance. Who knows whether he/she is going to be alive another second. Life is short and nothing is going to stay forever. Live as if there is no tomorrow.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”


Day 4: First time Mom!!

I want to reach all first time mommies here in this post and would like to share love, compassion and sorrow of journey being a mother.

I still remember the day when I was reborn. It was three years back, when I gave birth to my son and got new name to myself -MOM. The feeling which I had, cannot be expressed in words, it can be FELT.

I am was very naive on this subject of parenting. Further, I also didn’t have many friends who were new parents and could give me hands on expertise. So I can say, I was about to venture into sea with almost no skill to swim across. But as it’s said, if God makes you a mother, he grants you all the strength and grit to sail through.

First year of my motherhood was full of emotional breakdown for me. This was because, new-born has its own demands and the only way of his communicating with you is “To CRY”. He has an erratic sleeping patterns and it’s really tough to attend his demands (especially in nights). We stay in a nuclear family and all thanks for my husband (only support system) to be on my side always. He used to get up with me at night every time my brat cried,  be it for nappy change or for feeding, he was always there. I don’t know, how I would have behaved, if he was not there. Things are new for both of us and we both are learning this new life called “Parenthood”. There were hardships which were balanced with his giggles which just made our day. We enjoyed all his milestones be it his first turn around, crawl, tooth, walk everything. Every time we noticed him trying something new, it seemed like we are awarded for our hard work.

Second year, was full of enthusiasm and him exploring the world all by himself. He has started to   run and it was getting difficult for me to cope with him (till date it is).  At this age, my brat had lot of mood swings and used to throw tantrums now and then. I remember when as a couple, we used to visit a shopping mall and saw a toddler throwing tantrums on his parents, rolling off the floor and crying aloud, we thought this kid is so undisciplined. Now, we were in same shoes and when brat did so, we both hid behind the pillars of the mall, so no one could trace us as his parents (funny isn’t it). But my brat is a real brat, he didn’t used to get up, let the crowd gather. Finally my hubby used to get him off the floor. But one thing was sure, we never gave up on his unreasonable demands. These kids know how to convince parents over things they want. Clever they are! So parents be vigilant when you are dealing with their demands.

I will be celebrating my brat’s third birthday in the month of August. I can’t believe he is three-year old now. He is a notorious toddler who is more independent and in exploration stage. He now play on his own (though he makes sure am involved too, if am around), has preferences of what he will wear, likes being asked what he want to eat and many more. His questions have increased and every statement has why,when, where and how in it. I just so love his questions but its difficult to answer and satisfy him. We think these little monsters are small and we can give any logic to pacify them BUT stop, never give insane logic to them. Whatever we do, say and act is imitated and idolized. So BEWARE of what how you act. I have observed that having him around has made us defer our arguments as we don’t want him to be a part of it. My husband is in a win-win situation, though I miss my arguments with him a lot.

first time mom

Sometimes I feel myself playing a Mario game (it’s a video game which I hope many of us has played in childhood days) in which as you pass levels, challenge becomes tougher. Same is with motherhood, each passing year you will have a feeling that you know your child, but then and there the feeling is gone, as new challenge (your little monster) is up for another mischief.

People say life changes after marriage but I feel actual change happens in life when you become a parent. Life becomes a roller coaster ride, in which many ups and down comes which you have never anticipated.

I am still waiting to see the results of my parenting and is in continuous process of learning the art. I wish my child comes out to be a good human being with good character, and success will follow him.

Share your experiences with me, would love to know!


Day 2: Edit your Title and Tagline

I am just so amazed at how these Blogging 101 decides on task to be given to us. On first day of course we were asked to introduce ourselves to the blogging world and today we need to revisit our blog title and could rename it.

Many of us must be happy that they have a liberty of going back and change the blog title, since sometimes we are yet not decided what should be the name of the blog. We just give it a name as we need a platform to start, but later when we think of changing, its difficult to change. I liked the concept of revisiting your site title and change it when you want to do so. This flexibility has made me more inclined on keeping my blog in this domain.

I have named my blog as ” Thoughts of an Inquisitive mind” and I don’t think I will change my title now. This is so because I am all agog. You will find me blogging about many things such as travel, health, motherhood, parenting, crafts and many more. I learn things as life comes to me.

Would love to know more about the people out here.

Stay happy and be connected!!


Day 1: Who I am and why am I here!!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this  blogging world. I have come across this concept of Blogging 101 course started by “The Daily Post” which made me curious and here I am.

Today’s post is to write about, Who I am and why am here ‘blogging‘. I have already written about myself in the About me section, which almost describes me. I am adducing it once again:

Hi there!! My name is Niharika Modi, a Chartered Accountant by profession, mother of three-year old son and wife to a lovely husband. In short, I have a well settled happy family. By nature I am a very talkative girl (yeah “girl” woman sounds so weird), who loves to socialize, make new friends, learn new things and many more. To tell you all, I have a very inquisitive mind. LOLs. I’m a full-time MOM now!! Yes, this is my full-time job and I am very happy doing it.

Motherhood is best thing to happen in a woman’s life and the rewards which we get are far more satisfactory than anything else in the world. Being a first time mommy, there are many things I have learnt and many more are still to come my way. 

Here in this space, I wish to share all my experiences and learning of motherhood and my passion on travel, cooking, gardening, crafting and the list can go on. Would appreciate to hear back your comments and experiences too.

Why am I blogging publicly rather than keeping a personal journal?

I have a passion to read and had an urge to write. But deep within somewhere in my heart, had hesitation to start. On persuasion of my husband to start my blog (which seemed a great idea to me), I am here. I would love to connect and learn with people round the world.

What topics I think I’ll write about?

As my blog name is ” Thoughts of an Inquisitive Mind”, I would love to write on any topic which appeals me. However to be more specific topics would be somewhere on motherhood, travel, food, life.

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

I would love to connect with like-minded people sharing same thoughts and interest as that of mine. But saying this am not trying to restrict myself from not liking another people posts and writing. As already said ” I have an inquisitive mind…” Would just love to share and learn.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished?

To be true, I have not yet planned about it so far. But would definitely want to be part of this place, make new friends, connect and learn.

Thanks for reading and keep posting!!