Are you a Yes Mom?

Why is it so difficult to say “Yes” in a blink at my little munchin request. Why every time I need to run a flowchart in my mind, evaluating repercussions of saying Yes and eventually say No in an instant.

For example:

Brat needs a chocolate to eat:

Brat: Mom can I have a chocolate?

Mom: Thinking…. After a minute she says “You have eaten one yesterday, now you can’t have it again today!

Brat: But Mom I promise I will brush my teeth in the evening.

Mom: It’s not good for health baby.

Brat: Momma, please let me have one… please please….

Mom: sighing heavily… Ok have one… but a small chocy only!

Almost every time my brat tries his best to get a Yes from me to do things, be it watching cartoons, playing playdough, eating chips, having colddrinks etc. The list can go on and on. My reasons for not saying yes are for his good only without thinking the impressions it is leaving on his mind.

This ad has made me think again and again as whether we should nag on the kids request or let themselves take decisions of things which are good or bad for them.

How many of you here have gone through same endless sagas in your house. I bet almost every mom must have gone or are going through this phase. We try to be protective and save them from all harmful things without thinking the impact it is having in their minds.

I am rethinking my decisions now, what about you guys?




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