Five simple ways to take care of your Baby Skin!

Motherhood brings joy and happiness in the life of a woman, but along with brings certain fears and apprehensions too. Almost every woman who turns out to be a first time mom, has deep within herself a fear “whether she will be able to take care of her little one all by herself”. Will she be able to hold her and take care of the delicate little angel?

When I became Mom three years ago, I too had such feelings and fear deep within myself. I still remember the day when I held my little one in my arms for the first time, my reaction was “Aww! He is so cute and delicate”. His skin were the softest thing I have ever touched. Babies skin are very sensitive and soft, hence needs utmost care to keep it supple and safe.

Here are the five basic ritual which I followed to keep my baby’s skin soft and smooth:

  • Massage your baby: There are many benefits of massage as it adds flexibility to the body, strengthen bones, develop bonding and makes baby skin soft and supple. The best time to massage your baby is post bath as his skin is hydrated and absorbs the oil or cream properly. It also helps baby to have relaxed sleep and develop better.
  • Use toiletries meant for Baby skin: As you know that skin of baby is completely different from an adult skin and so are the toiletries to be used for them. Make sure that the soaps, shampoos, cream, oils, cleanser, whatever you are using on your little ones are chemical free and safe to use.
  • Be careful of fabrics you use for your baby: Have you ever experienced irritation while you put on clothes such as silk, thick layered clothes during hot and humid season. So just think when you cannot sustain such clothes, how will your delicate little one can. His skin is too delicate and hence you need to “Handle it with Care“! Buy clothes according to season like cottons, muslin cloth which are soft and good to use. Also be sure to use soft wool based woollens when its cold. Make sure whatever you are using on your baby skin for the first time is washed, dried and then used to avoid any bacterial infections.
  • Be vigilant while buying Diaper’s: I feel diaper are one of the best invention done in today’s modern world. We mothers have all liberty to go anywhere round the world without worrying about hygienic toilets. But merely buying diapers of any brand don’t help. Do proper research and decide which brand is suiting your baby’s skin and keeping his skin soft for hours. Generally, a diaper on being wet should not turn hard and should generally remain dry for minimum three to four hours. I have used some brands before putting my little one in Pampers diaper. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.  Also, make sure when you diaper your baby,  you pat dry your baby skin with dry cloth and apply diaper rash cream regularly which prevents diaper rash and will keep his skin soft and supple.
  • Clean and dry all baby skin folds: A new born baby has the most delicate skin and has many folds around his skin. Make sure that you dry and powder his skin properly such as areas behind the ears, creases of his neck, gential area, folds around his legs, so that there is no moisture retention due to hot and humid temperatures. It will help to keep his skin free from infections and rashes.



Do note that, it is not easy to keep baby skin soft and beautiful as it seems so. A religious routine of above steps will ensure healthy and happy little one. I am till date maintaining this routine with slight changes as my little one is a toddler now, but still his skin is soft and safe.


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