Is your chatterbox kid driving you nuts?

I still remember how I reacted when my friend was cribbing on how difficult it is to handle a chatterbox kid. She was so annoyed that she used to loose her mind on her quite often. My expression on her situation was: Come on!! How can you not like her talking? She is so sweet and adorable that I can just keep listening and talking to her. She warned me not to say so and said “Be blessed if you won’t have such a kid“.

This conversation happened years before but came live into my head when am too in same situation. I can now understand and co-relate her agony and feelings. My brat’s conversation is constant, irrespective someone is talking to him or not. It’s like a live feed going on radio what’s happening around. He starts soon as he wakes up and would not stop till he dozes off. I wonder where from he brings so many things to talk about.

I just love his non stop ‘momma’ ‘momma’ and  love listening it. But as said “Excess of anything is bad“. His voice is so much into me that even when he is sleeping I still feel his voice into my mind!! Whenever I explain my situation to someone every one pity me but this don’t help me either.


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Worried how to handle this situation, I did some research and found out few ways which worked for me:

  • Appreciate his Imagination: Kids imaginary thoughts tempt them to think and ask questions. I wondered how fast are they in their imagination. He actually asks me ten questions in a minute. I feel being on a rapid fire question round, in which as soon as I answer one question another pops up. Why, How, When, Where, What are their favorite words. I used to get frustrated with his babbling and it made the situation worse as he was tempted to ask me more. I then realized that talking to him patiently and listening to him made him calm and satisfied.
  • Encourage them to talk with same age friends: We all love talking to people of our age isn’t it. Its true for kids too. I have not known this fact till some day back, I listened to conversation between my brat and his school friend. These two little boys were chatting over the phone and not in person. I was amazed how well can these three year old kiddo talk among themselves. He was so happy talking to him that for sometime he was in his own world.
  • Encourage solo play at home: My brat always wants me to play with him whenever I am around. His non stop talks and playing whole day with him drives me crazy. Trying to figure out ways to indulge him in activities I let him take his toys such as blocks, puzzles, story books, drawing books, crayons all by himself. Surely a mess is created at home but it keeps him busy and mom happy. Smiling momma in me thinking: “NO PAIN NO GAIN“!!
  • Try to make him/her creative: My brat loves to draw and play with colorful dough. I thus make sure that I have enough stock of crayons, stickers, glue, child friendly scissors with which he loves to experiment. He keeps making stuffs and showing me and my hubby his creations of which some are superb and some we are unable to understand what he has made but his energy describing it, just makes our  day. He keeps talking while being creative making him happy and his mom content.

I have been grown listening that one should “speak less and listen more”. But I know each kid is unique in himself and so are his qualities. We as parents should never show discouragements and frustration on their behavioral aspects and should devise ways to up bring and carve their strong qualities in the best way possible.

Our actions are their reactions.

Quote i just loved

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