To parent a kid is not a child’s play!! (“Bachoon Ko Bada Karna;Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”)

I was in a complete different mindset before being a Mom myself. Whenever a friend of mine used to crib about how difficult it is to handle a baby, I used to wonder – “Is it really so”? How can such a cute little creature make her say so.To be true, I have never been with babies 24*7 anytime before. So, I almost had no idea about how difficult these little creatures can be.

Today I can very well relate to every mom’s saga and levels of difficulty. The day she gets new name “MOM” to herself she is into the game where crossing each level gives immense pleasure unaware of problems in stock ahead. I am sure every mother is passing/passed through these stages with intensities low or high.

It’s rightly said: “To parent a kid is not a kids play” (“Bachoon ka Khel nahin”). I am trying to list my experiences which I feel every mom will agree upon!!



The word “Feeding” sounds so easy. ” Isn’t it? Ask any Mom and take my words answer will mostly be No! it’s absolutely not at all easy to feed babies/toddlers.!To put each morsel into his/her mouth you need to device a tactic to lure them to take it. One moment you are a clown while other moment you are a storyteller. When I feed my brat I myself wonder as what crap stories am I weaving and faces I am making to develop my brat’s interest to eat food.



Above picture depicts the saga of a toddler. I must say, today’s kids are very smart. When I try to dress my three year old brat he is interested to wear that dress only which I don’t intend him to wear. Now, the drama starts; I try to make him interested by drawing his attention to color, cartoons,buttons, zip etc anything which works to make him interested. Sometimes this ordeal is done in five minutes or can get extended to one hour also. Depends on his mood. Tired Mom!!


sleepingPic credit:

Another task is to make a baby sleep. You must be wondering why am I saying task to each and everything. It’s actually a task for Moms because one level achieved is a work done. Now making a baby sleep is another task as each kid has it’s own way to sleep. Kids won’t doze off on their own, moms need to drag them and calm them off keeping all distractions at bay to help them sleep. So, its task to distract them, calm them and then help them doze off. Each activity is a stage and you can’t imagine how long can it take.

There are many other instances which am sure each parent must be experiencing and will vouch it saying “Bachoon ka Khel nahin”

So aptly said by Mr. Amitaabh Bachchan in this ad of Shopping for a kid #BachoonKaKhelNahin. Check his link below:

I love watching this ad, as its really difficult to decide what to buy and what not while shopping for a kid. There are loads of options available and you just can’t resist choosing many but when it comes to buying one, it’s rightly said “Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”. Difficult to zero in, I bet!

Would be really excited to listen from all Moms about their experiences.

Stay connected and keep sharing your thoughts!! Would love to know.


2 Replies to “To parent a kid is not a child’s play!! (“Bachoon Ko Bada Karna;Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”)”

  1. excellent… you have correctly said what every mom actually feels ! Feeding kids is the most difficult task and really I too apply so many tricks to make my child eat….and the picture of dressing a toddler is so true….really loved reading your blog !

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    1. It’s good to know that you liked my write up. Yeah we actually needs to devise ‘strategies’ I must say while dealing with kids. It’s not an easy task. Once again thank you for posting your views. Just love connecting.


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