My red faced moment!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Isn’t Your Face Red.”

This is one incident which happened during my college days. One day I and my friend decided to go on for shopping to Barra Bazaar ( a crowded street of Kolkata where you will find great stuffs at good prices). But the irony of this place is that it is overly crowded and you need to be brave enough to carve your way out of the filthy crowd. People from all classes walk on the streets and its difficult to differentiate between good and bad. Now since the place is so crowded, chances of being pick pocketed are also high. We both knew these factors but since we needed good stuffs at affordable prices we had this easiest place to go. Enough I have explained about the place, but here right from eatery joints to shopping all places are great. You know good things come with small hiccups.

We were passing through the lane as a hand struck my hand badly and I realised that my wallet is missing. I told my friend about it and turned back to find a guy walking hurriedly. We screamed loudly as catch that person, he is the thief, he has stolen my wallet. Immediately, a crowd gathered and everybody round there started questioning the guy who kept saying that he had not taken anything. I was very sure that my wallet was taken by him  only, as he had tried to hit me from front. My friend took him by his collar and started questioning him.

There was a full chaos and we were after the guy to accept his fault and return my wallet. As I was waving my hand in the air, I realized that I am holding something in my hand. My eyes widened to my astonishment “Oh! I have my wallet in my left hand”. Blood rushed to my mind and I was red faced, looking around me was mad crowd who were after that man, my friend holding him by his collar and shouting on him. I tried to drag her towards me, but she was not willing to listen anything as she was busy questioning him. Somehow I managed to drag her attention to my hand in which I had my wallet and then she was like ” What the crap?” We exchanged glances and planned to escape leaving the crowd to handle that man.

We were so red within ourselves that we just managed to sneak out of the crowd and ran towards our hostel as fast as we can. We didn’t even dared to look back as what was going on behind and just kept running. This was an incident which left us so embarrassed that we didn’t even dared to visit that street again for next six months. We had a feeling what if somebody recognized us and would come running to catch us.

I went completely red as it was the most embarassing and hillarious  situation.


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