What you do today is important!!

Wondering what I want to say by making this as title for my post. I just now stumbled on this and can't stop myself quoting: Image Source Such a deep meaning and strong message these words give us. We are so tied in past and future that a decision to live in today don't ever …


Is your chatterbox kid driving you nuts?

I still remember how I reacted when my friend was cribbing on how difficult it is to handle a chatterbox kid. She was so annoyed that she used to loose her mind on her quite often. My expression on her situation was: Come on!! How can you not like her talking? She is so sweet and …

Navi Mumbai’s Autowalle Bhaiya in Limca Book Of World Record

Santosh Gaikwad with a little cute monster Santosh Gaikwad with a little cute monster

Mumbai local train is called as Mumbai’s lifeline, but the auto’s and taxi’s which ferries its passengers from their home to the nearest railway stations cannot be sidelined. They are as important as the local train. They are on duty right before you sip your morning cup of tea and carry you halfway to your workplace till wee hours of the night to drop you home safely from the railway station.

The importance of autos cannot be ignored by any Mumbaikar, right? But somehow I feel the equation Mumbaikars share with most of the auto wallas is not good. The aggression, the bashing continues from time to time. I keep wondering why? I too have had my share of disagreement with a few of the auto wallas when they had refused to travel to places which are too close and at times I…

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A Little a Request

I wish her a very happy birthday … And hope that my little effort could help her to accomplish her wish!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Hi there Peeps!

Hope you are gearing up for a great weekend!

I have a little request, just wanna see if something can be done….

It’s my biggie birthday (40! Eeeeek!) soon, in a couple of weeks, and I was thinking to myself how great a present it would be to hit 1000 followers on WP by then… (I’m a couple away from 900 at the moment…)

This is where you, my lovely Peeps, come in.

Could you share/re blog this post, and see how many new followers I can get, and see whether I can hit that target?

(But only if you wanna!)

Foor those contemplating hitting that ‘Follow’ button, let me tell you a bit about me… I’m a mum, wife, daughter, teacher…. Heck I’m a woman!

My mission in life is to keep smiling, and to hopefully bring smiles to your life too.

I like to post…

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To parent a kid is not a child’s play!! (“Bachoon Ko Bada Karna;Bachoon Ka Khel Nahin”)

I was in a complete different mindset before being a Mom myself. Whenever a friend of mine used to crib about how difficult it is to handle a baby, I used to wonder - "Is it really so"? How can such a cute little creature make her say so.To be true, I have never been …

Are you worried that your child is a picky eater? Here are five ways to turn his interest towards food:

I have struggled to feed my baby since the day I weaned him. The journey was till date a roller coaster ride in which many days were bumpy and to maintain balance some days were fine. I always tried to figure out ways, how to feed a picky eater (as I felt mine was). Whenever, I saw my friend's …

Clean vs Mess!!

Let me start it like this... I and my brat (three year old son) seems to have work defined between us. Momma is meant to clean the house and Brat is meant to create a mess. I would like to mention incidents of mess created at my home: Incident 1: Brat woke up to a …