Three Friends

I have visited my friends house sometime back. She is a mother of two lovely daughters, one is 11 years old (Ananya) and another one is 3 year old (Advita). Her elder daughter sketches well and I wanted my hubby to see her sketches. My husband had not believed me first when I have told him about her sketches but now he believed me. Then only my friend told me that Ananya loves writing too and writes stories. She showed me one story which was part of her school project in which she has to  ” To draw a picture and then make story on it”. I realized it much later that she has to make a picture and story all by herself. I was in a notion that picture is given and she has to make a story.

She had titled the story as ” Three Friends”. In the picture she drew one pencil, one sharpener and one eraser.

Here the story goes:


There was a pencil who used to write beautifully. If ever, she made any mistakes, eraser used to erase it. Whenever she used to lose her sharpness, sharpener used to sharpen it. They were living happily together. One day pencil told her friends that I am growing short day by day and will perish one day. All friends became sad listening her, and that one day came when she was perished

I was stumbled reading her short story on three friends. Firstly I was astonished by the thinking ability a kid posses. Every single thing can be looked with so many perspective and hence its rightly said “you give same task to a set of kids and will find amazing creations in which none will be alike”.

Now this story which she has written was aptly titled and said. I know she was not able to give a proper ending to the story but I was mesmerized by the imaginative mind a kid has. She has very beautifully narrated it and it’s so true to say that eraser and sharpener are her companions and friends. I have never thought till date that eraser, sharpener and pencil can be called as “Friends”. They are so related to each other.

I have my personal takeaways from this story:

(a) Friendship is unique and it keeps each one of us together. A saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” is narrated beautifully in the story.

(b) Eraser used to erase only when she made mistakes. This shows that he was there with the pencil to help her to write well. Sharpener used to sharpen her only when she lost her nib or sharpness. This symbolizes that he helped her to maintain her grace and could write beautiful. This is what a friend does!! Isn’t it? A friend is just a call away be it dusk or dawn, he is always by your side.

(d) So when the pencil was disheartened with the thought that she will be over one day, she shared this thought with her friends. What do you think her objective was of sharing her feelings? Did she wanted to tell them about her growing old and departing? Or Was she telling them to find new friend for themselves?

I think that we share our joys and sorrows with our friends only, as they are the one who will guide,mentor, rejoice and unburden us from within.

What do you think about this sweet short story on “Three Friends”??

Share your thoughts with me in comments!!



2 Replies to “Three Friends”

  1. Interesting story by an young kid… who has accepted death as a natural phenomenon. She knows that how much you love your friends, ultimately one has to leave the world.

    So the answer to the question asked by you as to why the pencil shared his feelings before he died, is that the pencil ( the child’s thoughts actually) wanted to share the inevitable instead of giving them a sudden shock.

    May be the Child had experienced something similar with a friend or relative.


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