Day 2: Edit your Title and Tagline

I am just so amazed at how these Blogging 101 decides on task to be given to us. On first day of course we were asked to introduce ourselves to the blogging world and today we need to revisit our blog title and could rename it.

Many of us must be happy that they have a liberty of going back and change the blog title, since sometimes we are yet not decided what should be the name of the blog. We just give it a name as we need a platform to start, but later when we think of changing, its difficult to change. I liked the concept of revisiting your site title and change it when you want to do so. This flexibility has made me more inclined on keeping my blog in this domain.

I have named my blog as ” Thoughts of an Inquisitive mind” and I don’t think I will change my title now. This is so because I am all agog. You will find me blogging about many things such as travel, health, motherhood, parenting, crafts and many more. I learn things as life comes to me.

Would love to know more about the people out here.

Stay happy and be connected!!


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