My heart to you..!!


Today we are going to complete six years of togetherness. Can you believe this? Six years! The memory of yesterday is still afresh in my mind, and I am yet to come in terms that we are married since six years.

The entire scene of we meeting and getting married was no less than that of a Bollywood movie. I feel I must have done something good in previous birth that am blessed with you. Don’t be over excited reading this! I just can’t stop myself saying this! But am not really this, “praising you”, and you know this well.

You very well know that I keep cribbing about all bad habits you have, which if I would have known earlier, might be I would have not married you. But this is not true, I just say this to annoy you. One thing which always used to bother and annoy me is the time you spend on your computer/phone you can’t hear what I am saying. You don’t talk to me or don’t even look at me when you are on it. But I love all those things too. (Don’t get carried over by this statement of mine. LOLS)

Yesterday only you asked what do you wish to rewind and relive in last six years? I haven’t answered it, but today am writing this for you. To tell you, I just want to go back and relive our moments when we had long chat over phone.

I know our life is not perfect, yet it is perfect for us, though it’s not a fairy tale. I am glad about the decision I took six years back to be your wife and that’s the best choice I have made in my entire life. Thank you for being my life partner and my life coach. Thank you for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me.

I love you more than yesterday and surely less than tomorrow. You are the best thing happened to me in my life. On this wonderful day, I wish more years to be with you and grow old together. Happy anniversary!!!

Can’t stop quoting “Tera saath hai toh, mujhe kya kami hai..”

IMG_1095Love you always,



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