Worried Mom!

Yesterday was a tough day for me. My happy school-going brat was in a real bad mood. He was consistently saying “NO I don’t want to go to school” which he loves going. Many questions started drifting in my mind. Considering the rise in child abuse, child bullying, and child harassment cases has made me more scared. Being a concerned Mom, I was trying my ways, to figure out, as what is actually disturbing him.

My Brat loves to interact with people, makes and enjoy with friends and he don’t have stranger anxiety too. His constant denial towards school raised my worry. I tried to figure out by asking a lot of questions to him. After juggling with him for more than an hour he said ‘he do not like going in school bus.’ He likes being in school but do not like to go by bus there. Ah! So bus is the problem, but how can that be when he used to love going by bus. He told me, he likes going to school but will go in school bus, if Mamma comes along. I somehow persuaded him to ride the bus and told him that Mommy is there to look after him. On my assurance he agreed, but a mother into me got really disturbed.

I immediately took action and inquired with attendant in the bus but she said that he is perfectly fine when she is around. This statement worried me as what does she means by “around”. Isn’t she supposed to look after kids and make sure all are safe from any acts especially “little kids”. On inquiring as why does he cry, she said “May be like this only.” Not satisfied by her answer, I asked a girl (who goes in same school bus) about it and then she narrated about the ordeal my kid is exposed. Senior boys of Grade VII and VIII are trying to scare my kid by making weird faces, cracks joke and laughs on him. Such an indecent behavior towards a kid who is just around three years old!!

I called and narrated the entire scene to his school authority and they assured me that entire issue will be looked into. A concern was there in the voice of his teacher and she was wondering as how can senior boys (who are highly sensitized towards young kids) behave this way?

One habit I have maintained since first day my Brat started to go to school was to discuss about what he does in school. This helps me to understand what he likes and do not like about his school. Till date he enjoys being at school and only bus was the problem.

The problem is now resolved and I hope that his school authorities will now be stricter towards such indecent behavior of senior kids.

It’s a well-known fact that kids are very sensitive and a slight disrespect towards their identity disturbs them. I am writing this post to request everyone, don’t take any incident narrated by your child lightly. Howsoever busy you are, take out time to listen and play with your kids, and monitor their behavior and moods. Your child will be more comfortable and cosy in your company than anyone else.

We should always be all ears and eyes on whatever our kid wants to confess.



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8 Replies to “Worried Mom!”

  1. Sometimes we do ignore what they are saying or take them lightly. I think every parent must listen to what the kids are saying irrespective of their busy schedule. Nothing is more important than your child. And thank God this incident came to light. I am so proud of Nimit and to you too. 🙂

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  2. Truely said!
    Impressions are made in early childhood and protecting your child from this is very important. At the same time i would say that such things prove to be helpful for children at a later stage! Because the child cannot always discuss each and everything as he grows up. In a way he gets a glimpse of the world and is better equiped to combat more such autrocities that he might face in his later life.


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