Funny post #1 – Brat and Dad

I am trying to keep a track of funny things which spills from the mouth of my Brat (about to turn three year old). He is a chatterbox and I should tell you he is damn funny.

Find it out yourself!!

Conversation between Brat(B) and his dad(D):
B: Busy turning pages of Outlook magazine (which is in handle with care stage). He is ignorant that his dad is watching him in anger.

D: (Trying to speak in calmer tone) Kya kar rahe ho?? (What are you doing?) Manoge toh ho nahin tum. Bahut ziddi ho gaye ho! (You wont listen, have become really stubborn!)

B: (Instantly answers ignoring him) Ziddi nahin hua hun. Main thik hun. ( I am not stubborn, I am OK).

D: Zapped 🙂


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