My Learning Curve of Motherhood!!

I didn’t know what being a Mom meant, till I turned one. For me, motherhood was simple. You become pregnant, give birth to a child and then take care of it. That’s it! I have never thought that it’s a big change which happens in lifetime of a couple. Actual journey of your life begins, when parenthood starts. You are just lovebirds, enjoying your married life, till you step into this journey.

My journey started almost three years back. Time took a 360 degree turn, as soon as my little boy was born. Like many other woman, I was also very new to this Mommy thing.

I have learnt many things being a mother and would like to share here with you all.

  • Every child is different and so is your’s. You should never compare your child with other ones. You will always be tempted to see a child eating food all by him/her self while yours is yet to learn it. A child of your friend sleeps on his own, while yours makes you pick him up and keep rocking till he/she falls asleep. You must have read in many books, or learnt from advice of well learned moms about child’s milestone but never bother to stick to it, as sooner or later your child will achieve it. Just let him/her be him (her) self.
  • You need to “Trust yourself” in this journey of motherhood. There are many things which will happen for the first time in your life, be it your child’s weaning time, teething time, schooling time whatever. Just make sure you go with the flow. Every day is a new day in your life as well in your child’s life. Both of you are learning to live. He is learning new things from you and you are learning how to teach him/her. Isn’t this a wonderful experience? I know there is many ups and down in this journey, but once you accomplish it, no other feeling could beat the joy.
  • You need to be patient in dealing with your child. Children have a tendency to test patience of their parents every other second. They will challenge you, frustrate you, show anger on you, annoy you and can make you feel disappointed at public places. You need to deal all these things with patience. There are hard ways of making them understand your point, but then you will not be able to make them realize as what was wrong in their act. I am not saying that don’t be hard on them or don’t roll your eyes over them, but you need to decide what is good or bad behavior.
  • You are an Idol for your child. My brat is about to turn three years old but I have found him copying each and every act of us. I have had a habit of throwing clothes on bed with a thought that I will arrange it later, and have noticed my three-year doing the same. He even speaks in same way I talk to him. He scolds me also in same way as I do, rolling eyes on me. He copies his Dad also in all aspects. He tries to wrap towel around himself, the way his dad does to him. Every child has a feeling that his parents are the best. Some children say this, some may not, but deep within them you will find them admiring you. To stand to their expectations, you need to watch yourself every time. To discipline your child, you need to be “DISCIPLINED” first.

Can’t stop myself quoting it!


To learn about Motherhood, you need to experience it. Every other person can advice you on this topic but as “Each child is different, so is his Mother”.


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