“M” for Mumbai and M” for Monsoons…. Simply Mindblowing!!

If somebody ask me one question “What do you like the best of Mumbai”? My answer will be just one word “Monsoon”. Mumbai is at its best during this season. You will only experience two seasons here in Mumbai, either summers or monsoons. Both these seasons are extreme. For me, summers pass in hope that monsoon will soon arrive.

I used to love rains since childhood days but reason to love it, has changed once I came to Mumbai after marriage. At my home town, if it rained for entire day, we were confined in our homes watching TV and playing indoor games. After much persuasion, we were allowed to get drenched or play in rains, which also stopped in some hours. An unannounced holiday seemed to happen, if it rained continuously. But life is very different in Mumbai. This is a city which never sleeps and stops, unless its lifeline (local trains) comes to a halt.

Today it’s Friday and it is raining since last 24 hours. Local trains services are suspended and major areas of the cities are flooded. Schools, colleges and offices are closed and people here in Mumbai have got an extended weekend to enjoy with family. I know there are many pros and cons of monsoon. But all of these are gone once you enjoy the rains at some of must go places in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

  • Marine Drive:603642411_f2a917cb5c_bWhat else will you expect in life, when you will be walking hand in hand with your partner, amidst rains, with splash of water over you!! Yeah, all these things you can experience right at this place. I just love walking alongside this stretch (also known as Queens Necklace), sipping hot tea with a plate of bhajjias. Don’t forget yourself to satisfy your growling stomach with bhutta (roasted corn), chana chor garam, chai sold by many street vendors. I bet you will have a feeling of ecstasy.
  • Drive of Bandra Worli Sea Link:BKCIt’s an experience to drive through this bridge which connects Worli to Bandra. You will get a spectacular view of Arabian sea and it is awesome during rains. The picture describes it all. I bet no words can explain the feeling, you will have, after riding on this 5.6 km stretch.


  • Drive on Palm Beach Road:palmIf you are a driving enthusiast and are in a mood to go on a short drive in rains, this is one road stretch (around 10 Km starting from Vashi flyover) which is a worth try. Anyone, like me, who stays in Navi Mumbai has definitely tried it and love the spectacular view one gets. You will find clouds over hills, waterfalls and lush green stretch with high rises along side. It’s like starters on the plate before main course being served (if you head to places out of Mumbai which are awesome in monsoon).
  • Lonavala:lonavalaYou will find yourself visiting a fairyland as you head towards most sought destination “Lonavala”. This is approximately 110 Kms drive from Mumbai is lush green during monsoons. The roads covered with clouds and are at its best during monsoons. You will not find a single soul who has not been or heard about this place.
  • Last but not the least if you are a person who loves staying at home, nothing can beat the feeling of reading a book and enjoy the rain drops hitting your window panes. You can indulge yourself watching some nice romantic movie with your loved ones and have hot snacks with a cup of tea.


In this post I have tried to list some of must go things which can be done in a rainy day. Else there are many other places around Mumbai which are a must visit. I will  try to write my experiences on places I have visited in my coming posts.

Will love to hear about what do you guys love doing most on a rainy day!!


4 Replies to ““M” for Mumbai and M” for Monsoons…. Simply Mindblowing!!”

  1. Lovely. 🙂
    On a rainy day I just want to get drenched, come home to a hot cup of tea with some onion pakores. Pure Bliss! 😀


  2. Oh rainy days sometimes make me feel moody~ But often I would also picture myself having a nice nook in a cafe with a cup of tea next to a window where I can watch people walk by with umbrellas. Wow okay, this seems like a perfect topic for my fiction writing! 😛


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