The greatest gift I got from GOD, I call him “DAD”!!

I must say life is most beautiful when you have your parents around you. They are essence of your existence in this world. You can’t judge each one separately as both complement each other in various spheres of life.  They are like tyres of a car which needs to work together in an alignment else the vehicle will not function properly.

Today is “Fathers Day” and am forced to think and write, about what is so special today? Do we really need a day in an entire year to wish him and pay our regards?

Nowadays, it is a trend to dedicate a day to celebrate almost all relationship eg. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Brother Day, Sister Day. Why is it so? Are we so busy in our life that we need to dedicate a day in entire year to return favor of having them in our life?

We used to have “General Knowledge” as a subject in our school days and whosoever used to remember all such important dates was genius. I was an average student but can bet that genius student of our class was also unaware if such dates existed.

All thanks to technology and social media, through which today’s generation is paying regards to their father. Do you really need to show your love and respect, you have for him by shouting loudly in social media and techno world and let him know.

I don’t feel so.  For me Mother is the soul of your life while father is its essence.


Please let me know what do you guys feel about this day!!


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