Worried Mom!

Yesterday was a tough day for me. My happy school-going brat was in a real bad mood. He was consistently saying “NO I don’t want to go to school” which he loves going. Many questions started drifting in my mind. Considering the rise in child abuse, child bullying, and child harassment cases has made me more scared. Being a concerned Mom, I was trying my ways, to figure out, as what is actually disturbing him.

My Brat loves to interact with people, makes and enjoy with friends and he don’t have stranger anxiety too. His constant denial towards school raised my worry. I tried to figure out by asking a lot of questions to him. After juggling with him for more than an hour he said ‘he do not like going in school bus.’ He likes being in school but do not like to go by bus there. Ah! So bus is the problem, but how can that be when he used to love going by bus. He told me, he likes going to school but will go in school bus, if Mamma comes along. I somehow persuaded him to ride the bus and told him that Mommy is there to look after him. On my assurance he agreed, but a mother into me got really disturbed.

I immediately took action and inquired with attendant in the bus but she said that he is perfectly fine when she is around. This statement worried me as what does she means by “around”. Isn’t she supposed to look after kids and make sure all are safe from any acts especially “little kids”. On inquiring as why does he cry, she said “May be like this only.” Not satisfied by her answer, I asked a girl (who goes in same school bus) about it and then she narrated about the ordeal my kid is exposed. Senior boys of Grade VII and VIII are trying to scare my kid by making weird faces, cracks joke and laughs on him. Such an indecent behavior towards a kid who is just around three years old!!

I called and narrated the entire scene to his school authority and they assured me that entire issue will be looked into. A concern was there in the voice of his teacher and she was wondering as how can senior boys (who are highly sensitized towards young kids) behave this way?

One habit I have maintained since first day my Brat started to go to school was to discuss about what he does in school. This helps me to understand what he likes and do not like about his school. Till date he enjoys being at school and only bus was the problem.

The problem is now resolved and I hope that his school authorities will now be stricter towards such indecent behavior of senior kids.

It’s a well-known fact that kids are very sensitive and a slight disrespect towards their identity disturbs them. I am writing this post to request everyone, don’t take any incident narrated by your child lightly. Howsoever busy you are, take out time to listen and play with your kids, and monitor their behavior and moods. Your child will be more comfortable and cosy in your company than anyone else.

We should always be all ears and eyes on whatever our kid wants to confess.



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Funny post #1 – Brat and Dad

I am trying to keep a track of funny things which spills from the mouth of my Brat (about to turn three year old). He is a chatterbox and I should tell you he is damn funny.

Find it out yourself!!

Conversation between Brat(B) and his dad(D):
B: Busy turning pages of Outlook magazine (which is in handle with care stage). He is ignorant that his dad is watching him in anger.

D: (Trying to speak in calmer tone) Kya kar rahe ho?? (What are you doing?) Manoge toh ho nahin tum. Bahut ziddi ho gaye ho! (You wont listen, have become really stubborn!)

B: (Instantly answers ignoring him) Ziddi nahin hua hun. Main thik hun. ( I am not stubborn, I am OK).

D: Zapped 🙂


My Learning Curve of Motherhood!!

I didn’t know what being a Mom meant, till I turned one. For me, motherhood was simple. You become pregnant, give birth to a child and then take care of it. That’s it! I have never thought that it’s a big change which happens in lifetime of a couple. Actual journey of your life begins, when parenthood starts. You are just lovebirds, enjoying your married life, till you step into this journey.

My journey started almost three years back. Time took a 360 degree turn, as soon as my little boy was born. Like many other woman, I was also very new to this Mommy thing.

I have learnt many things being a mother and would like to share here with you all.

  • Every child is different and so is your’s. You should never compare your child with other ones. You will always be tempted to see a child eating food all by him/her self while yours is yet to learn it. A child of your friend sleeps on his own, while yours makes you pick him up and keep rocking till he/she falls asleep. You must have read in many books, or learnt from advice of well learned moms about child’s milestone but never bother to stick to it, as sooner or later your child will achieve it. Just let him/her be him (her) self.
  • You need to “Trust yourself” in this journey of motherhood. There are many things which will happen for the first time in your life, be it your child’s weaning time, teething time, schooling time whatever. Just make sure you go with the flow. Every day is a new day in your life as well in your child’s life. Both of you are learning to live. He is learning new things from you and you are learning how to teach him/her. Isn’t this a wonderful experience? I know there is many ups and down in this journey, but once you accomplish it, no other feeling could beat the joy.
  • You need to be patient in dealing with your child. Children have a tendency to test patience of their parents every other second. They will challenge you, frustrate you, show anger on you, annoy you and can make you feel disappointed at public places. You need to deal all these things with patience. There are hard ways of making them understand your point, but then you will not be able to make them realize as what was wrong in their act. I am not saying that don’t be hard on them or don’t roll your eyes over them, but you need to decide what is good or bad behavior.
  • You are an Idol for your child. My brat is about to turn three years old but I have found him copying each and every act of us. I have had a habit of throwing clothes on bed with a thought that I will arrange it later, and have noticed my three-year doing the same. He even speaks in same way I talk to him. He scolds me also in same way as I do, rolling eyes on me. He copies his Dad also in all aspects. He tries to wrap towel around himself, the way his dad does to him. Every child has a feeling that his parents are the best. Some children say this, some may not, but deep within them you will find them admiring you. To stand to their expectations, you need to watch yourself every time. To discipline your child, you need to be “DISCIPLINED” first.

Can’t stop myself quoting it!


To learn about Motherhood, you need to experience it. Every other person can advice you on this topic but as “Each child is different, so is his Mother”.


“M” for Mumbai and M” for Monsoons…. Simply Mindblowing!!

If somebody ask me one question “What do you like the best of Mumbai”? My answer will be just one word “Monsoon”. Mumbai is at its best during this season. You will only experience two seasons here in Mumbai, either summers or monsoons. Both these seasons are extreme. For me, summers pass in hope that monsoon will soon arrive.

I used to love rains since childhood days but reason to love it, has changed once I came to Mumbai after marriage. At my home town, if it rained for entire day, we were confined in our homes watching TV and playing indoor games. After much persuasion, we were allowed to get drenched or play in rains, which also stopped in some hours. An unannounced holiday seemed to happen, if it rained continuously. But life is very different in Mumbai. This is a city which never sleeps and stops, unless its lifeline (local trains) comes to a halt.

Today it’s Friday and it is raining since last 24 hours. Local trains services are suspended and major areas of the cities are flooded. Schools, colleges and offices are closed and people here in Mumbai have got an extended weekend to enjoy with family. I know there are many pros and cons of monsoon. But all of these are gone once you enjoy the rains at some of must go places in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

  • Marine Drive:603642411_f2a917cb5c_bWhat else will you expect in life, when you will be walking hand in hand with your partner, amidst rains, with splash of water over you!! Yeah, all these things you can experience right at this place. I just love walking alongside this stretch (also known as Queens Necklace), sipping hot tea with a plate of bhajjias. Don’t forget yourself to satisfy your growling stomach with bhutta (roasted corn), chana chor garam, chai sold by many street vendors. I bet you will have a feeling of ecstasy.
  • Drive of Bandra Worli Sea Link:BKCIt’s an experience to drive through this bridge which connects Worli to Bandra. You will get a spectacular view of Arabian sea and it is awesome during rains. The picture describes it all. I bet no words can explain the feeling, you will have, after riding on this 5.6 km stretch.


  • Drive on Palm Beach Road:palmIf you are a driving enthusiast and are in a mood to go on a short drive in rains, this is one road stretch (around 10 Km starting from Vashi flyover) which is a worth try. Anyone, like me, who stays in Navi Mumbai has definitely tried it and love the spectacular view one gets. You will find clouds over hills, waterfalls and lush green stretch with high rises along side. It’s like starters on the plate before main course being served (if you head to places out of Mumbai which are awesome in monsoon).
  • Lonavala:lonavalaYou will find yourself visiting a fairyland as you head towards most sought destination “Lonavala”. This is approximately 110 Kms drive from Mumbai is lush green during monsoons. The roads covered with clouds and are at its best during monsoons. You will not find a single soul who has not been or heard about this place.
  • Last but not the least if you are a person who loves staying at home, nothing can beat the feeling of reading a book and enjoy the rain drops hitting your window panes. You can indulge yourself watching some nice romantic movie with your loved ones and have hot snacks with a cup of tea.


In this post I have tried to list some of must go things which can be done in a rainy day. Else there are many other places around Mumbai which are a must visit. I will  try to write my experiences on places I have visited in my coming posts.

Will love to hear about what do you guys love doing most on a rainy day!!


The greatest gift I got from GOD, I call him “DAD”!!

I must say life is most beautiful when you have your parents around you. They are essence of your existence in this world. You can’t judge each one separately as both complement each other in various spheres of life.  They are like tyres of a car which needs to work together in an alignment else the vehicle will not function properly.

Today is “Fathers Day” and am forced to think and write, about what is so special today? Do we really need a day in an entire year to wish him and pay our regards?

Nowadays, it is a trend to dedicate a day to celebrate almost all relationship eg. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Brother Day, Sister Day. Why is it so? Are we so busy in our life that we need to dedicate a day in entire year to return favor of having them in our life?

We used to have “General Knowledge” as a subject in our school days and whosoever used to remember all such important dates was genius. I was an average student but can bet that genius student of our class was also unaware if such dates existed.

All thanks to technology and social media, through which today’s generation is paying regards to their father. Do you really need to show your love and respect, you have for him by shouting loudly in social media and techno world and let him know.

I don’t feel so.  For me Mother is the soul of your life while father is its essence.


Please let me know what do you guys feel about this day!!